My baby. 10 months old. Houston baby photographer.

Oh sweet girl. I can’t believe you are already 10 months old.  We have come so far.  It seems like yesterday you would scream at the sight of a bottle and you HAD to sleep on your momma for all sleeping… now you are taking a bottle like a champ and putting yourself to sleep in your own crib.  You are crawling all over the place and you are trying to pull up on everything.  You are saying momma and da-da-da-da. You have such a spunky personality… I think the images below totally reflect you… being you.  Happy 10 month old birthday baby girl.  We love you.

Momma and Dada took me to the beach for my 10 month old photo session.  Dada dressed me. Yep… my dress is backwards… but I don’t care!

Mom told me to smile and so I gave her this. Mom, I really am trying!

I loved the water as long as dada was holding me.  When he left me, I was scared.  And the star fish mom wanted to use as props… NO WAY! Those things make me cry. Just put me back in my chair.  I’m much happier there.

Dada is seriously funny.

Dada dropped his iphone in the water for this smile…. I think it was worth it.

Sorry about the seriously long post. My mom thinks I’m the cutest!

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Lynn Oh my goodness! She is absolutely precious. And awesome photography!

stacey cusimano these are the cutest!!! I can really see her personality coming out…shes beautiful! 🙂

Amanda RespondekI love Kinley’s outfits! So adorable. And she has such a happy smile. 🙂

Barbara Koenig Jen, this are too cute! Of course I love her in the tutu!

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