kinley grace. 15 months. Houston baby photographer.

Oh Kinley. You are growing way to fast. Picture taking used to be so much easier. You are fast!

This month has been such a great month. At your 15 month check up you were 30 3/4 inches (62 percentile) and weighed 20 pounds (21st percentile). You got three shots and were very upset about your bo-bos.

You are talking and singing and dancing!  You finally started saying mom-ma-ma-ma and you never stop! (I love it) You have such a sweet personality. You hug all things small. You grab my cheeks and look at me and it is the sweetest. You pat pat your babies and shush them and you recently started doing that to your water cup (not sure about that one.)  You are getting more and more hair. It’s light and whispy and perfect. One of my favorite things to do in the whole world is to dress you and take your picture… I hope you let me forever.  You started saying cheese at the camera when I ask to take your picture. You wear mom’s heels and dad’s boots around the house. You love hair bows, shoes, cheese, playing outside, babies, puppies and kitties. Getting ready for Christmas has been so fun. You say ho-ho-ho at all things Christmas. You LOVE Little Drumme Boy and can now sing pum, pum, pum. We set out baby Jesus yesterday and you love Him too. You call Him cheese and point to Him. You are my baby forever sweet girl…. I could go on and on. We love you so much.

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