Kinley Grace. 18 months old. Houston baby photographer.

Kinley Grace,

I can not believe you are already a year and a half! You are getting so big.  You are quite attached to your momma (more than ever). You get very upset when I’m not where you can see me.  Your hair is getting so long and your eyelashes are so beautiful.  You have started to have an opinion about your clothes and get very upset when you don’t get to wear what you want.  You still love shoes and babies.  You love to dance and sing.  You are saying new words every day.  You love playing outside and taking all of your babies out into the yard.  You’ve started wrapping your babies and putting them in baskets (just like momma ;)).  Maybe you’ll be a photographer when you grow up 😉

This month we had a few friends over to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We decorated cookies and played with friends. You had a great time. You love friends.  The party was so girly and sweet.. all things red and grey. My favorite.

We love you baby girl.

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