Kinley Grace. 19 months old. Houston baby photographer.

Baby girl,

We have had such a fun and busy month.  We celebrated Blake’s 4th birthday,  Uncle Jeffrey moved back to NJ, we went to the Houston rodeo, we took lots of pictures, and you went to your first wedding (and loved it!).  You are so much fun!  You are still a momma’s baby and you get upset when I leave you with other people.  I can’t blame you. We do everything together.

You talk all day long, and when you can’t think of anything to say you say ma, ma, ma-ma, da, da, da-da, ma, ma, ma-ma, da, da,da-da.

Your hair is a just a little bit longer and I am so excited for the day we can do a pony tail.

You have started using the big girl potty and are doing a great job.

You love all things Kinley and could look at your pictures and videos for hours.  I can’t blame you.. you are so cute!

You love buckles, babies, shoes, books, chairs, walks, dancing and helping dad in the garage.

Taking you picture now requires candy bribes and dad helping out.

We are so fortunate that we get to spend our days with you.  You are such a beautiful little girl and we love you so much.

Next on the agenda… no more paci.  It is going to be a very sad day.

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Kim Russo I absolutely LOVE that you are doing this for her! I wish I would have thought of doing something like this for Mason! I LOVE the pics on the suitcase!

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