kinley grace. 31 months.

Kinley Grace. 31 months.

I’m so disappointed. I missed your 30 month photo session. It’s the first month I’ve missed since you were born. I guess I was tired.

You are getting to be such a big girl Kinley Grace.  You love to sing and I love to hear your sweet voice in the back of the car singing “today is the day, You have made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.”  Your little school is so fun and you are really starting to enjoy it.  Besides getting sick, it’s really been fun.  Today I told you the snake man was coming to teach  you about snakes and your said, “mom, that’d be so cool!”  Where do you learn this stuff kiddo?  You are a doll!  We got Lola for Easter and you love her, but you are still learning to be gentle. (poor Lola).  We had the best time over Easter.  We celebrated grandma’s and grandpa’s birthdays and you had so much fun playing with your cousins.  I love you sweet girl, always and forever.

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Caroline Walberg Jennifer, these are the most beautiful pictures!! She is SUCH A LITTLE DOLL. Love that you got a pic of the two of you 🙂

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