lila joy. 9.8.12.

It was Friday, September 7th around 11:00 pm when I felt the first contraction.  My initial thought was that this couldn’t be contractions… I was a day away from 35 weeks.  The next contraction came around 1:00 am and then we started timing them every 15 minutes.  By about 3:00 am I decided I really was going into labor and so we packed up and headed to the hospital.  Kinley was a little confused, but she was such a good little girl.  She sat in the back seat and was just quiet… she knew this was something important.  Once I was admitted and it was confirmed I was having contractions, they said I’d have my little Lila today!  I was a little nervous.  I was only 35 weeks and I really wanted my sweet girl to stay in my tummy for a few more weeks.  We rushed Kinley to her friend’s house and dad barely made it back to the surgery room before they started my C-section.  The C-section was a little smoother this time around, I knew what to expect, so I guess I wasn’t as scared.  At 8:29 am you joined us and it really was the happiest moment of my life.  You were the miracle I’d prayed for for so long.  All 4 pounds, 14 ounces.. you were perfect.  They sent you straight to a warmer where you were monitored.  You had trouble maintaining your body temperature and so you had to spend most of your time in the warmer. I didn’t get to hold you until that afternoon and oh my goodness you were so teeny tiny and so beautiful.  For the most part, you were strong and doing really well.  The only problem you were having was maintaining your body temperature.  By Monday, they decided to admit you into the NICU.  You were fighting so hard to do everything on your own that something had to give.. and that was your temperature.  They said in the NICU they could place you in the warmer and place a tube in you for feeding so that you could just rest.  I wanted you to be able to rest.  Thankfully my sweet friend Kelly came and took a few pictures of us before they took you to the NICU.  I am forever thankful for these.  Dad and I visited you in the NICU as often as we could.  I still had trouble walking so he’d wheel me up there in the wheel chair.  I was discharged on Tuesday and unforuntely you had to stay an extra night.  I was thankful knowing you’d be home soon.  Lila Joy, you are the perfect baby.  You bring me such Joy and I thank God for you every single day.

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Jenni Jenn – Lila is so beautiful – just like her big sister and her mama. I love your sweet story for your sweet baby girl. Beautifulness…all of it.

Kelli Beautiful, beautiful girl. Beautiful, beautiful mama.

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