lila joy. 8 months. 5.8.13- 6.8.13

Lila, I’m falling more and more behind.  The busier life gets the harder it is to keep up with your monthly posts.  This has been a really fun month.  We had a Mother’s Day trip to Galveston and spent our days playing in the pool.  You are such an easy going and happy baby.  A few times you’d take a bottle right next to the pool, sleep in my arms for about 45 minutes, and then wake up refreshed and ready to swim some more.  This was really one of my favorite vacations… I love pool days with my family.  We finally made it to Garner State Park, we had plans to go last year but decided against it since you were due any day.  Garner was fun even though the river was cold and it was kind of rainy.  We still had fun with the Cusimanos, cooking, hiking and floating.  You are at a great age for vacations.  You’ll spend a good amount of time in the exersaucer or stroller without complaining.  At Garner I noticed you were getting your first tooth!!

Lila Joy, I know I say this every month but you and your sister are more than I deserve.  I am so grateful. Every. Single. Day.  I love you so very much and love being your mamamama.  Hugs and kisses sweet baby.  Never forget how sweet and beautiful you are.

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