lila joy. 9 months. 6.8.13-7.8.13

My baby girl, you are such a happy and easy going baby.  You are sitting up by yourself, rolling over and scooting all over the floor.  You want to crawl so bad!  You can say mamamama and you have 2 bottom teeth.  This month we celebrated my birthday in New Orleans and Florida beach.  We had the best time.  Both of my girls did amazing on the long car ride.  I couldn’t have asked for sweeter babies.  We went to Uncle Boom Boom’s new house in New Orleans and then headed to Pensacola Beach.  You weren’t so sure about the ocean, even though your sister loved it!  We spent most of our days by the pool.  You would sit and splash and play toys for hours.  When you got tired I would give you a bottle, you would nap in my arms and then we would play some more.  I love you and your sister so very much.  You two girls are all I’ve ever wanted.


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