My baby. Happy 11 month birthday. Houston baby photographer.

Happy 11 month birthday baby girl.  Where has the time gone? This month was a month full of changes.  You started feeding yourself, started waving bye-bye, started stepping from chair to chair, and you even got your first tooth!  What a big girl.  You are so fun and make us laugh all the time.  You are so friendly and go to everyone, although you are very much a momma’s baby.  You are scared of almost everything… tennis balls, umbrellas, stuffed animals, hand held vacuum…. poor girl!  You scoot backwards on your booty and squeal at the site of these things.This month you also got your first baby doll… and you are in love.  You love babies and squeal in excitement every time you see one (there are quite a few visiting our house for photo sessions!) Kinley Grace… I never thought I could love anyone as much as I do you.  You are my precious one, you are dearly loved, you are such a blessing and we are so thankful for you every single day (even when you drive me nuts!) There is nothing I’d rather be doing besides spending my days with you…. oh and pictures are getting more difficult. I need you to sit still!

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April Cooper Where did you get those cute dresses? Love it

Haley Awww…LOVE the pictures!! What a beautiful girl!

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