Kinley. 16 months old.

Things have been so busy here in the Cusimano house I almost missed Kinley’s 16 month old post.

We had a great Christmas. We spent every weekend in December traveling for Christmas celebrations with our family. You love all things Christmas, playing with your cousins and getting lots of new toys (and shoes)!  You talk all day long. We say you speak in mom-ma. You say mom-ma over and over and over and over… all day long until you see shoes. Then you say shoes over and over and over!  You are so precious.  You spent New Years in New Orleans with Grandma and Paw paw. You had a great time playing marti gras beads with Grandma, taking walks to the dog park with Paw paw and dancing in the living room.  We all love you so much. You made our Christmas so special.

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