Kinley. 17 months. Houston baby photographer.

Every morning you get up with Dada. Dad says y’all drink coffee and watch Cat in the Hat together. You stretch and snuggle until Dada makes you some egggies and milk. YOU FINALLY STARTED DRINKING MILK FROM A SIPPY CUP!  Around 7:45 I hear footsteps and giggles running down the hall (you are coming to wake up momma ;))  We all snuggle in bed for a few minutes. When momma gets up we climb in the rocking chair, drink coffee, read books and snuggle some more.  By mid morning mom has to work a little… you play baby dolls, you climb, you read books, you get into everything in the computer room, you eat fruit loops and fruit snacks. You are with mom every single minute of the day. When I go to the bathroom, you are seconds behind me. While I edit pictures at my computer you are either in my lap (yes friends it’s a miracle I get anything done), at my feet or getting into anything and everything within your reach.  After lunch we are ready for nappy.  We are down to one bottle a day at nap time… you crawl up into my lap… a paci in each hand and we rock and shush until the milk gets you good and sleepy.  You are a great sleeper (much different than the early days). Most days you nap two hours and mom gets a little break.  These days we’ve been spending our afternoons outside with Dada and Uncle Jeffrey. We love watching them boom, boom, boom (work) and playing kick the ball.  You like to eat dinner with your baby doll in the chair with you. Tonight I glanced over and you were sharing your green beans with her. You are going to be a great big sister (just not yet ;))  After dinner, Dada lays on the living room rug and you dance, march, clap, shake and wrestle with Dada. Sometimes you bring your books over for me to read. You are starting to repeat so many words. We think you are so smart!  I lay down with you every night or I rock you until you are good and sleepy. It’s my favorite! You are so warm and snuggly. I love you to pieces.

Kinley Grace. Time is flying and you are getting so big. You love gymboree, dancing, climbing, strawberries, fruit snacks, candy, baby dolls, paci (usually two), and you are still a little obsessed with shoes. We brought home your red Valentine’s shoes and you wanted to sleep with them (and yes I let you). We love you baby girl and are so thankful that you are you!

AND we are done with bottles. Starting today! 😉

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Leahshe is beyond beautiful!! love the one where she’s biting the strawberry…and your words are perfect 🙂

KelliWhat a strawberry cutie!!

So glad you won the bottle battle! Great job mom! 🙂

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