lila joy. 5 months 2.8.13- 3.8.13

Lila girl,  My blue eyed baby … You are so beautiful and so sweet. I love you so very much.  This month has been so much fun (besides being sick for the first time).  You are grabbing your toes, chewing on toys, trying to roll over, trying to lift your head higher during tummy time, and you are eating rice cereal (not a fan).  You still fold your hands every time you eat (you’ve done this since birth and it just melts my heart).  You don’t love the paci anymore but you still suck when it’s not in your mouth.  You don’t have much interest in nursing anymore and are getting well fed on formula!  😉 You started blowing spit bubbles this month.  You love your sister and your momma.  If you can see your momma you are usually happy.  At night, no one can soothe you or put you to sleep except mom.  You are our little Lila loo.  We love you so very much.

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